Hi ,

Welcome to Sendchamp and thank you for registering! We built Sendchamp for Businesses and Developers to engage their customers in a more personal way. 

Here is a quick preview of everything you can do with your Sendchamp account:

Send Messages (SMS, Voice, Email Supported)

Messaging your customers has never been easier. You can use our APIs to send messages to your customers via SMS, Email, or Voice Messages. We would be making this also available on your dashboard. You can send to customers in Nigeria (Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda is coming in the next few weeks)

Verify Your Customer 

Sending OTPs and Verifying Customers should not be difficult. We have made it easy for you to send OTPs and verify your customer via SMS, Voice & Email Messages. The Good news is it is Free. 

Other Perks

For developers, we have created Simulators for you to test your integration before going live. We also created a Verification Popup so you write less code in your Apps. 

For business owners, we are releasing a simple messaging engine on your dashboard to send messages via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Voice to your customers. 

You can reach us at help@sendchamp.com for anything you need! You can also join our community on telegram here. We usually do giveaways :)

Happy messaging and much love!


Sendchamp Team