Hi there,

Last week we launched Whatsapp API, our most powerful messaging channel yet that lets you do the following: 

  1. Send OTPs, Notifications (Payments, Alert, Ticket, Order) 
  2. Engage your customers (Customer Support)

Interesting and amazing things about our WhatsApp API are:

  1. Easy & Flexible Onboarding process (Takes few minutes to get started)
  2. No Manual Process. You can setup up everything on your dashboard
  3. For Developers, Easy API Integration & Sandbox to test integration
  4. We currently have a Pay Per Use Plan. Bundle Plan coming soon

Curious about what setting up WhatsApp for your business looks like? Check the demo below 

How to Activate Whatsapp Number Demo:

How to Create Whatsapp Template Demo:

Documentation: https://developers.sendchamp.com/channels/whatsapp

WhatsApp Guide: https://support.sendchamp.com/collection/3-whatsapp

So friend, what are you waiting for?