SMS Delivery Process - Nigeria

1. Our goal is to make sure your messages get delivered in less than five minutes

2. We have 3 routes E.g Non-DND route, DND route and Premium Route

3. When we see a number for the first time, we send it via the Non-DND route. If the message fails or we do not get a response in 2 minutes, we send it via the local DND route. 

4. If you activated Premium Route on your dashboard and we do not get a delivered response from the DND route in 2 minutes, we will send it via Premium Route

5. However, what we do is profile the phone number. E.g if the number delivered via DND and failed on Non-DND route then it is a DND number so the next time we see that number, it will go through the DND route first


1. All pending messages for 30 minutes are automatically terminated by our system

2. It is possible you receive 2 messages if there was a delay in receiving a response from the telco.

If you have any feedback on this process, please reach out to our support and we will take in your feedback.